MAKE The coaching Connection...

transform my client's lives in the following ways:

Enjoyment & Purpose:  GET YOURSELF OUTSIDE!  I train my clients to take on outdoor activities.  This journey leads to a passion to move and experience life beyond the walls of a gym.  Skiing.  Golf.  Cycling.  Sailing.  Kiteboarding. Inline-Skating.  Dance.  Let's go!

Activity / Movement: Ability to perform new and challenging movements.  Increasing physical activity, learning new movement patterns, and progressing the complexity of motor skills.  

Optimizing Energy Levels: Nutrition and sleep are two essential components of a complete fitness program.  I deliver customized coaching on these subjects to each private client. 

Mindset: As the mind goes, so does the energy flow...  A real coach will guide you along a path of growth.  This is my area of maximal joy and why I am a Fitness Coach - I have been lucky to have great coaches in the past who did this for me. 

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